Saving data from RAID starts with cloning all disks that were part of the RAID system to correct disks, so-called clones. Disk cloning is a process by which the entire contents of the disk, each of its sectors, is copied to another – working hard disk. The success of cloning a disk depends on the type of failure on that disk, and the percentage of success in saving data depends on successful cloning in most cases.

When all patient drives are removed, the RAID array is simulated to function in the same way that the original RAID server functioned. The complexity of this simulation will depend on the complexity of the RAID field itself as well as on the condition of the clone disks. The process of simulating the operation of the RAID controller involves finding the parameters of the RAID array, disk order, stripe size, cluster size, etc.

Helpdisc uses advanced techniques for recovering
and recreating inaccessible data: From all RAID controllers and all RAID structures. Then from all types, manufacturers and models of hard drives that are in RAID. For all causes of data loss, from the simple to the most complex, including viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crash, file corruption, hardware failure…

  • Never replace a failed drive with a drive that was part of a previous RAID system - always clean the new drive before use.

  • If the drive makes unusual mechanical noises, turn it off immediately and call for help.

  • Make a backup before changing hardware or software.

  • Label the drives with their position in the RAID array.

  • Do not use disk repair tools on a failed hard drive in a RAID.

  • Do not defrag broken hard drives

  • In case of power loss during RAID operation, if the system fails to boot or data is unavailable when power is restored, do not use hard disk repair programs.

RAID systems data recovery


RAID systems data recovery


Data recovery from RAID


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