Flash USB drives and memory cards were born from the desire to create small, durable, shockproof, and portable data storage devices. Without moving parts, without heads and motors, they quickly found application in all portable devices, displacing hard disks, floppy disks, and mini hard disks from almost all mobile devices. However, all this mobility does not come without its drawbacks. High sensitivity to electrical discharges, as well as problematic connection and power supply lead to frequent failures. Saving data from USB flash drives and memory cards are, next to SSDs, currently the biggest problem in the data recovery business. The reasons for this are a large number of producers, the absence of standards, and a short period of exploitation.

  • Logical failures

    - loss of partitions, deletion of data, damage caused by viruses, reinstallation of the operating system, damage to databases

  • Faulty electronics

    - electric shocks, overheating, controller failure

Spasavanje podataka sa flash memorija


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