Eighteen years of data recovery: 43,000 successful jobs

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you the incredible journey of our company, HelpDisc, which is celebrating its eighteenth birthday in the world of data recovery. As someone who has been part of this company for several years, I can’t help but reflect on the remarkable achievements and dedication that have defined HelpDisc over nearly two decades of operation.

Modest Beginnings

Founded in 2005, HelpDisc embarked on a mission to redefine data recovery. The digital landscape at that time was rapidly evolving, and the need for reliable data recovery services was growing exponentially. HelpDisc entered this scene with a clear vision: to become the trusted guardian of digital treasures for individuals and businesses.

Fighting for Every Byte

From the very beginning, what set us apart from the competition was our determination to do our job to the best of our ability. Over our 18 years in business, we have invested significant resources in cutting-edge technology, hardware and software tools, cleanrooms, as well as continuous knowledge acquisition, numerous awards, and certifications, ensuring the ability to recover data from the most complex situations, whether it’s drives with faulty heads, damaged firmware, skewed magnetic plates, and more. We became the first and true choice for individuals and businesses facing the daunting prospect of data loss.

An Exceptional Team

At the heart of HelpDisc’s success story is an exceptional team of experts. From experienced data recovery specialists to skilled technicians, everyone at HelpDisc shares a passion for their work. This team is not just a group of employees; we are a tightly-knit family. Together, we understand the value of every piece of data we recover. Whether it’s cherished memories, crucial business documents, or priceless information, each case is treated with the utmost care and dedication.

Expectations for the Future

In the past nearly two decades, we have witnessed significant changes in both the technical and business landscapes. As data storage companies consolidated and some manufacturers like Quantum, Maxtor, Fujitsu went off the scene, the book effectively reduced to two letters, Seagate and Western Digital. This analogy can also be applied to our IT landscape. Once, IT companies were those that sold computers, but today, when you say IT, you think of one of the numerous outsourcing firms.

As for the devices themselves, we have seen the validity of Moore’s law; 20 years ago, we had 4GB capacity disks, and today we have 4TB. That’s an increase of “only” 1024 times! Perhaps the cost of data recovery could also follow Moore’s law 😊. On the other hand, we have witnessed the fragmentation and the emergence of a large number of small companies producing high-capacity memory cards. One constant in our work over these 18 years is the almost certain failure of hard drives and the rise of SSDs as the primary high-capacity data storage medium. SSDs, as the “killers” of hard drives, show unstoppable progress and are competing side by side with hard drives on our shelves.

But rest assured, we’ll be here when both hard drives and SSDs fail!

As HelpDisc enters its nineteenth year, we do so with a careful eye on the future. In an era where data is the lifeblood of our digital existence, the demand for expert data recovery services continues to grow. We are well-prepared to face new challenges, armed with the same unwavering commitment to our work that has defined us over eighteen exceptional years.

In conclusion, HelpDisc’s eighteenth birthday is not just a celebration of the past; it is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and perseverance that has elevated HelpDisc to the pinnacle of data recovery companies. Here’s to many more years of safeguarding data, preserving memories, and making a profound impact on the lives of our clients – Happy 18th birthday to HelpDisc, the beacon of hope in the world of data recovery! And remember – after backup, there are no regrets!



Ivan Aracki

HelpDisc d.o.o.

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