Repeat returner

In 2012, a troublesome hard drive landed on our desks, its data seemingly lost to the digital abyss. After conducting a thorough diagnosis, we identified the primary issue: bad heads.

Regrettably, the customer had to forego the data recovery process due to financial limitations, with the intention of returning at a later time.

Fast forward to 2018, and the same hard drive resurfaced on our desk once more. We repeated the diagnostics, and unsurprisingly, the issue remained the same – the hard drive’s heads were still malfunctioning. Nonetheless, the customer unexpectedly pulled out from the data recovery procedure, asserting that the hard drive they had initially presented was incorrect, and assuring a swift return with the correct one.

Now, in 2023, this resilient drive made a triumphant comeback, and we were well-prepared as always. For the third occasion, we conducted a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the drive, which, predictably, yielded the same results. However, this time around, we received the client’s approval to proceed with the replacement of the malfunctioning heads and the subsequent data recovery process.

Ultimately, the data, which had long been held captive within the confines of the drive, was successfully liberated. Despite encountering and overcoming three distinct setbacks, we achieved a remarkable outcome by recovering 100% of its data, proving that in the realm of data recovery, persistence yields rewarding results.


Ivan Aracki

HelpDisc D.O.O.

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