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With great success, we save data from all media, hard disks, mobile phones, USB flash drives, SSDs, and RAID systems. Fault diagnosis is free. During 18 years of work, we have justified the trust of more than 11 thousand satisfied clients from Serbia and numerous other countries around the world.

We do data recovery in the clean room (Clean place), with the help of tools that we developed ourselves under the brand name HddSurgery. Recovered data can be checked by clients through the Customer Service (Check job status option) or in person at the HelpDisc premises.

Losing important data is a stressful and unpleasant experience that you don’t think about until it happens to you. However, with our great experience and professional tools, in most cases, it is possible to get back what was lost.

In order for the data recovery process to begin, the client must deliver their damaged media to our premises. In the following diagram, you can go through the complete data recovery process in 8 easy steps. In a clockwise direction, all stages of the procedure are described, from the delivery of the defective device to copying to a new, correct device and returning the lost data to the owner.

1. Device delivery


Clients can deliver their media personally to our address, or they can send it via one of the courier services. You can find detailed instructions on sending data transfer and storage devices here.

2. Fill the online form


Before sending, it is necessary to fill out the online new case request form and report the recovery job within the Customer Service of our site.

3. Free failure diagnosis

Upon receipt of the device, the diagnosis is made. It lasts up to three working days and is free of charge. If there is no physical damage to the disc, the diagnosis involves cloning the entire content of the media onto the so-called clone disk. It is an identical copy of all data that can be read from the client's media. In the case of devices with physical damage, in order for cloning to be possible, it is necessary to temporarily enable them to work.

4. Professional tools 


HelpDisc uses most sofisticated data recovery tools and techniques to provide its customers with the fastest and most secure service.

5. Immediate start


Immediate start is a service in which the diagnosis is accessed immediately upon receiving the media during working hours. Client jobs that opt for this option have priority over all other jobs. **This service is charged additionally to the price of data rescue according to our current price list.

6. Data recovery price


The cost of recovering data does not depend on the type or amount of data on the media, but solely on the type of failure. The prices are transparent and not cumulative. Saving data is accessed only if the client agrees with the price that was announced to him after the completion of the diagnosis. The price list is HERE.

7. Tracking case status


Through our Customer Service, the client, if he wishes, can track the status of the job and view the list of saved data. Login and password information is the case number and case code. The client receives them in person or via e-mail during the procedure of receiving the faulty device.

8. Data copying


After we finish data recovery process, it is necessary for the client to provide a new device (hard disk, flash USB stick) on which we will record the recovered data. The process does not end when the client downloads the data. A copy of all data is stored on our servers for seven days after the job is done.

There is a wide range of media on which important data can be saved, and therefore from which important data can be lost. During our many years of experience, HelpDisc has set the highest standards in data recovery industry thanks to dedication and respect for client privacy.

Our engineers are constantly educated on the job, so we are not unfamiliar with any device. However, the percentage of data recovery success mostly depends on the type and model of the drives. And then the types of failure, as well as user reactions during and immediately after the disk failure. Therefore, it is very important to consult professionals as soon as possible in case of failure of the data storage device.

Many years of experience in the field of data recovery and more than 11,000 satisfied clients guarantee the quality of our services. HelpDisc data engineers use modern software and tools that we have developed ourselves within the HDDSurgery brand. If you have a problem with lost data, write to us or fill out online request.